You often see signs on the side of the road advertising tree felling services, but if you decide to hire one of them, you better hope they know what they are doing! If not, you may end up with a lot of damage being done to your property that you will be liable for.

The first thing you need to be careful of when tree felling is the surrounding buildings. If you are not careful about what you cut off when you may end up dropping branches onto your house. Your insurance will not cover you for damages caused by stupidity, that is what the professional tree fellers insurance is for.

You also need to be careful around the equipment. Tree felling requires the use of powerful chainsaws. These can easily remove limbs of care is not taken to use them properly.

You will also need ropes and such to make sure the tree branches and pieces of trunk do not fall in the wrong direction. Sometimes you need to use a vehicle to assist the tree in falling over in the right direction. If the vehicle you use is not placed carefully, you will end up crushing it beneath the felled tree.

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